Двух чирлидерш трахают в их раздевалке два черных

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Two cheerleaders get fucked in their cloakroom by two black guys

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3 мес. назад
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***GUYS**** (Especially in the Midwest), Wifey and FINALLY had our first threesome EVER Saturday night (not with a BBC, which as you can see from our videos is all she masturbates to during sex and her newest vibrator is purposely all black). It was just with a buddy of ours we’ve both known for years — a white dude like me but who’s got me by a few inches. Anyway, as you can see in our profile, her (and my) fantasy is to host a cuckold here at our home (or depending on how comfortable she’s feeling, we may just end up grabbing a hotel room real quick with points in Milwaukee/Chicagos). My buddy who we had the threesome with Saturday is obviously in for a group thing with her, and we also met with 1 BBC in Chicago who’s cool as fuck, he’s definitely in too without question. Vetting a few more, feel free to check out our stuff and send us over a quick message if you’re somewhere near our location. Thanks guys! Can’t fucking wait for round 2 of sharing her, so fucking hot ?
3 мес. назад